DAY 2: Looking for my subjects…..the horror!

After the tour we had yesterday in Yeoville, I thought I had it all…well almost all figured out. Boy did we struggle to find certain places when we went there today as a group to find subjects and settle interviews. Apart from the uncomfortable heat blanketing us, the journey was unbearable. “This is perfect exercise guys”, said Lameez Omarjee, who was carrying a huge camping backpack by the way. In my head I was just like “Lord have mercy in this heat”.

The idea of walking in a group seemed fitting and made complete sense because I mean why walk alone in Yeoville where you’ll be an easy target of who knows what, pick pocketing or something else? But boy we were wrong. It didn’t help that we were all talking at once asking where Bezuidenhoust Street was and pointing in different directions. Never mind stopping to whip out our maps to look for directions.

I don’t blame the two men who followed us from a subtle distance just before we got to the Torah Center, stopped at the corner when we got in and followed us again when we made our way past Yeoville Boys School. They must have seen this group of lost young girls pointing in different directions with maps on their hands, and said “Let’s terrorize them a bit”. Luckily we noticed early that we were being followed then we quickly composed ourselves and acted cool….well tried to act cool. The idea of those guys concluding our perception of Yeoville was terrifying but exciting at the same time…or I was just the only one who thought “Oh what an adventure!!!”.

Drama aside, I managed to find three subjects who are willing to talk to me tomorrow. It was a bit challenging to speak to one of the subjects I found at the Yeoville Market. The issue was with language. She sells printed cloth from Congo and also designs and makes dresses out of the printed cloth.

She couldn’t understand what exactly I wanted from her. She kept on misinterpreting my pitch, at times asking “You want to know what reminds me of my country?”. There were two ways out of this, say yes and pretend to be doing the interview right on the spot and say ‘thank you for your time’ and leave or agree that it’ll be on video so she says no because initially she had asked not to be on camera. But I braved it out and took a discrete breath and tried again to pitch my idea to her, slowly this time. FINALLY!!! We understood each other and agreed to meet tomorrow morning.

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