So long stranger….

…..he shuffles rhythmically from one car to the next as soon as the traffic light turns red. His dark brown grazed hand holds up what seems to be an advert of some sort. I try to squint my eyes. Fixing them on the black words typed on yellow paper. Mid way I find my eyes examining his yellowish nails filled with dirt at its tips. He smiles and walks past the polished VW Polo I’m in. His loose black trousers with front razor sharp creases move swiftly along with his rhythmic steps. His pot belly bangs aggressively against his light blue tucked in shirt. His green ZCC badge sits proudly on his chest, complimenting his ZCC hat. Just as I start to wonder how he is managing in the afternoon heat with his winter puff jacket and construction boots, my Uber driver drives off….I turn around to catch the last glimpse of his smile but…….

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